World Guinness Record For Longest Kiss

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And no rest breaks World guinness record for longest kiss wearing adult diapers. So Daley, a senior English major, and Canciello, a sophomore interactive multimedia major, started training. They ran and exercised in order to strengthen their legs and started getting used to ingesting only juice. One of the first weekends back on campus, Canciello practiced staying awake and on his feet for more than 33 hours. Daley did the same the following weekend. They devised a repertoire of hand signals to use with each other and people in the crowd. In the days before the record-breaking attempt, they bought audiobooks to help them pass the time while kissing, a rug to stand on and huge quantities of juice they would mix with protein powder and drink through straws every few hours during the kiss.

It started off smoothly enough, but within four hours the leg pain set in for the long haul, they said. Saturday was cool enough, but on Sunday, the temperature soared into the high 80s, bringing fears of possible dehydration or heat stroke.

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At one point two bikers rode by and yelled a lomgest slur at the pair, but Daley and Canciello said for the most part, the reaction from students, faculty and staff was overwhelmingly positive. The live-stream video the two had set up to document their world record attempt spread across the internet, more students began showing up to cheer them on. Rather than boring flowers or chocolates, though, how about a Top 10 bouquet of the best heart-swooning, romance-inducing world records in existence? Because you deserve nothing but the best.

They had been married 86 years, 9 months, and 16 days as of February 27, Herbert Fisher sadly died that Sunday. The couple recodr 5 children. He was a pioneer in chocolate box design and often used his own paintings to lonyest the lids giinness the boxes more appealing. Oldest Love Poem The oldest surviving love poem is written on a clay tablet from the times of the Sumerians, inventors of writing around BD, and was given a very un-romantic name by archaeologists: The author is unknown but is believed to have been recited by a bride of Sumerian king Shu-Sin, who ruled between and BC. The following is the start of the poem: Bridegroom, dear to my heart, Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet, Lion, dear to my heart, Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet.

When Jackie started the collection inshe had no idea things would turn out as they have.

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