Man Finds Love After Winning Lottery

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What's it like to win £13.8m when you're 26?

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Rehosted and hotlinked webcomics will be removed, unless you are finfs creator. Please submit a link afte the original comic's lotery, and possibly a mirror in the comments. Once handed the cheque, you are asked if you would like to go public or keep it to Man finds love after winning lottery. ,ottery recommends taking the publicity. But then you look around and see a space zfter size of a sports hall filled with journalists from all over the world ready to ask you questions. But she had the decency to phone up and let me know when tabloid journalists tried to doorstep her a few times.

Do jackpot winners find themselves jealous of those with greater fortunes than theirs? Then you get to go away. Take your wife somewhere incredible and let it sink in for a while. Do a European trip but do it properly. You look at the lifestyle you want. You sort out your friends and family, but keep it close. And would they seek you out for help ordinarily? The night before their press conference inhe and Louise ate at Pizza Hut; I detect no designer labels about his person; they are still in the Brentwood house they bought soon after their win.

I suggest ensuring future generations of Allens can live without stress sounds like a nice legacy. You mature into the money.

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