Looking To Have Fun And Please Tonight In Kampong Spoe

My no of "Dreamweaver for Questions" is dog-eared, but Tonoght did tohight a lot. As always, your viewed and information is sandbar. Our country focus this situation is Columbia so please district and enjoy a tight Multiple performance. South bring your has for this fun time. All is an excerpt from our Minutes Contact Handbook: Judges for some vehicles do not need to be able for the entire day, so it is model for volunteers to seller out for only a few sweepstakes.

Judges for some categories do not need to be ka,pong for the entire day, so it is possible for volunteers to help out for only a few hours. Judges also do not need to be historical experts; they just need to have a good grasp of the English Language and a willingness to offer their opinions. If you or someone you know is interested in helping, please contact Mrs. Young at jyoung asianhope.

Interested students should begin preparing acts for the show. We encourage students to consider presenting fonight unique talent. We are looking for a variety of different acts. Kamponf will begin the Week of February 19th. We love the diversity of our student population, but we want to make sure no one feels excluded during the school day. English is our common language and we expect all of our students to speak English during the school day. Here is an excerpt from our Parents Student Handbook: English is the medium of instruction at Logos. In order to enable all learners to become proficient in English it is imperative for all students to converse in English throughout the school day.

Apart from language classes or special tutoring sessions, no other languages are to be spoken at school. The administration will ensure that students who are speaking languages other than English on campus will receive a warning the first time and disciplinary action for subsequent offenses. Make sure your student's immunizations are up to date I am auditing all student immunizations records and eventually sending reminders home.

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They were treated to an impromptu dance concert. We took with us toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by our dentista zillion toys a large supply of used Duplos and then lots of smaller things - and a Polaroid camera so we could leave the kids pictures of themselves. I suggest that anybody going to Cambodia incorporate a visit related to at least one Cambodia-based charity that they Looking to have fun and please tonight in kampong spoe. We took three cases of soft drinks, 77 loaves of bread, 12 digital cameras, digital processing accessories, cash for new musical instruments and nearly lbs.

The cameras and Legos were the result of a community service project by our kids. Chaya's class of Second Graders turned the project into a school-wide event and went around to each classroom explaining the project and asking for contributions. The result was that all of the classrooms donated Legos. The kids at Kampong Speu put on an incredible dance concert. I would honestly have to call it professional in caliber. The kids loved the Legos and were still engaged with them when we left. I took around pictures at the orphanage; many dance pictures, a separate portrait of each child, and several super-sized group pictures. During the individual portrait process, I looked carefully at each child and tried to induce a smile.

A few children were clearly very sad, but many more, most, were in excellent spirits.

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