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At tonght spread across the Four Corners rip, researcher and author Christy Turner have amassed more than 30 examples of brutalized human remains. As a result, a scientific battle has developed which rik polarized into two separate camps: Those who argue for cannibalism note that the gerde drops off after about A. Archaeologists theorize that the Anasazi moved away or were just absorbed Let s get together tonight in rio verde the Navajo and Hopi Tribes. But information has come forth from Dr. They tracked them to the Chaco valley but they were gone. The tribes mourned them and cried. Furthermore, experts have not found any additional evidence that a natural disaster or cultural event caused the society to vanish.

Chaco Canyon was inhabited for roughly years then the residents vanished without a trace. Done Mose, a third-generation medicine man for the Navajo Nation. What an interesting statement which under closer examination becomes a great revelation once some of the other beliefs tribes in the region maintain become known. Creation stories of Natives Americans and the Bible Such striking similarities between creation stories from numerous cultures worldwide and the Genesis account have been hard to explain for evolutionists.

Furthermore, the deviations in the stories from the biblical account support their originality.

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In his book, Red Earth, White Lies, Vine Deloria, no friend of Christianity makes Let s get together tonight in rio verde interesting statements regarding flood tales which show up in virtually all native American creation stories. Flood stories are almost always linked with the concerns of fundamentalist Christians, who believe that Indian accounts of a great flood will provide additional proof of the accuracy of the Old Testament. With their cultural blinders in place, it never occurs to them that the Old Testament may very well provide evidence of the basic accuracy of the Indian story.

In the beginning, the creator made everything. Powerful reptilians then came down from Heaven through portals the spiral, halo, and reptilian symbols to deceive the world, and the world fell into darkness. Some of these giants had six fingers and six toes just as described in the Old Testament. The creator destroyed the monsters and giants in a great flood. Yet the giants and reptilian deceivers returned, though not in the same numbers as had been before the flood. They turned the people to sorcery, cannibalism, and human sacrifice as did the plumed serpents of the Mesoamerican Maya and Aztec.

Perhaps at this point in the quest but not when other factors are taken into account. Unfortunately, there are no such written detailed records for the American Native Indians unless of course you take into account and consider petroglyphs a form of communication. Although there are no known methods of dating rock art or interpreting the figures on the rock, almost all scholars are undecided as to their meaning or have yet to decipher them. This further incurred the Creators wrath and, according to the Bible, the consequence of this miscegenation between the Fallen Ones and mortals led to the creation of half-angelic, half-human offspring Genesis 6: These children were called the Nephilim and they were the giant race that once inhabited Old Earth.

It has been recorded most of the Nephilim were cannibalistic which may help explain what happened to the Anasazi sense these beings were vicious and greatly feared for their size and strength. The children of the Fallen Angels became the giants of old who also consumed human flesh which then started teaching man all sorts of forbidden arts like how to open portals and gateways using sorcery and other methods. The Fallen Angels produced flesh-eating giants that inhabited and roamed the earth, the Nephilim even occupied the Promised land.

Many ancient Jewish sources tell us about the fall of the Angels in heaven. The Anasazi, who ironically disappeared when the habit of writing also suddenly ceased, used images and symbols similar to those found globally that connect to a first, and second, an incursion of giants and the mountainous gateways their creators came through. What is amazing is how the ancient images show some of the same qualities as the information mentioned in the Bible. I took in as many lungs full as I could, it may be a while before I smell this again! And a while before I see this beauty again. This is the area where my grandparents snow birded from the time I was about We ate out on the patio, perfect weather — we talked and reminisced and made plans for future visits and just enjoyed being together.

I got to watch my dad sing with the Tempe Community Chorus in concert! Here are several video clips, not the whole concert. Choral music has been a big part of our lives since I was very little. And that brings me to now. Do you remember what I promised to do on Saturday morning? All of this goodness is going to: Entry out of entries! Julie Sheehy, this is your bundle! I had an epiphany last night. I head to Oregon this afternoon.

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