Home Alone And Wanting In Punta Gorda

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Patient Advocate volunteers will make every effort to maximize your comfort level, enhance communication, and ensure appropriateness of care, all the while maintaining confidentiality. If you cannot imagine a time when you might need help, please look at wanitng attached scenario sheet. These situations are examples of when a Patient Advocate might be appropriate for you. If after reading it you think it's a good idea, please fill out the survey, also attached, so that your emergency contact information can be entered and held secure, to be utilized only when you request it.

Hand it to Herb Levin Chair of the Committee. A poster is on display in the Social Hall, with pamphlets explaining further the function of Patient Advocates. You have no family nearby. You have been taken to the emergency room. Your best friend is out of town.

Florida hit by massive hurricane

You are both in an accident, and hospitalized. The local sheriff's office said '60 body Home alone and wanting in punta gorda had been requested but as rescue teams with lifting machinery arrived at Punta Gorda and its neighbouring Gulf coast towns of Fort Myers and Port Charlotte, officials said that it was too early to know how many had died although 25 morticians with refrigerated trucks had been called in. There are 31 mobile home parks in Punta Gorda alone, at least two with up to 1, residents each. The director of emergency services in the area, Wayne Sallade, said it would take days to trace those still unaccounted for.

Many residents are retired people living in mobile homes who decided not to leave after Charley was estimated at force two. In fact, it struck with unexpected ferocity at force four. Computer predictions had also wrongly predicted Charley - which had already killed three people in Cuba and one in Jamaica - would hit the land in the Tampa Bay area and nearly two million people were urged to leave their seaside homes and head inland. But Charley swung south and drove across country for Orlando, the centre of the Disney tourist complex, and one of the areas to have attracted the largest number of evacuees.

The area was also hit simultaneously by tornadoes. The Fitzpatrick family, from Jordanhill in Glasgow, said that they had also been evacuated to Orlando from their holiday location in Longboat Key to the north of Port Charlotte only to find that the storm had followed them. They watched it lashing past from the hotel entrance.

Wantlng in the week, the Florida Governor Jeb Bush he had declared a state of emergency and mobilised the National Guard. One of the most comprehensive casualties was the airport at Lake Wales. More than two million peo ple in the state lost power as Charley reached Daytona Beach on the state's Atlantic coast.

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