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No one expected Senegal to upset France like that. I got an early start to Ulsan Saturday. Well, hcongju for a weekend, late considering what time I have to be up and about on weekdays. Wiling left Chongju on the Overall the trip wllling about 4. The trip was pretty good. Korean buses are a lot more comfortable than Canadian, and more efficient. We made one pit stop at a place called Chilgok, and to drop off passengers in Kyeoungju. Other than that it was straight through to Ulsan. The countryside along the way was spectacular. I am still not used to the sight of so many mountains. We only passed through part of Kyeongju, but what a town. Everywhere you look is history.

Kyeongju was the capital of the Silla kingdom for almost years, until A. Its origins go back to around 57 B.

It Women willing to fuck in chongju a sacking by the Mongols in the 13th century, and Japanese in the 16th. Most of its artifacts survived the Japanese occupation of the early 20th century. Even considering what the Japanese stole, a wealth of historical treasures remain. I will definitely be going back there for a visit. Ulsan has been a major harbour in Korea for over years. A legend from the Silla Kingdom said a man, believed to have been an Arab, arrived in Ulsan in for trade and then settled to live among the people. Since the 60's the government has invested heavily Women willing to fuck in chongju building up the infrastructure and industry base of Ulsan, turning it from a town into a modern city.

Today Ulsan is one of the largest industrial cities in Korea. Most oil imports flow through the port. It has the biggest shipyard in the world, the area is also a home of many multinational petrochemical corporations as well as a center for the Korean shipbuilding industry. With a population of over 1, it is almost twice the size of Chongju. The first thing I noticed when I got off the bus was the heat. It gets hot in Chongju, but I expected more of a breeze off the ocean here. There wasn't much of one. A wave of heat washed over me, and stayed with me the whole day.

Patrick and his girlfriend were late getting to the bus station in Seoul and missed the bus. They didn't leave until noon, and their bus wasn't slated to arrive until after 5PM. I went in search of a Yeogwan. After an hour of walking around in the heat I ended up back at the first Hotel I went to. Yeogwans are usually aorundWon a night. For the World Cup they decided to jack their prices up to Hotel level. I couldn't find one that was below 50, Won a night. So I got us rooms at a hotel instead. The first thing I did upon entering my room was shower. I was a little ripe after walking around in the heat. They missed the 10 AM bus, and the 11 AM. They never got out of Seoul until 12 Noon, and it takes around 5 hours to go from Seoul to Ulsan.

So, I decided to head to the bus station before 5 and meet them. The game started at 6: Luckily, we found a cabbie that knew shortcuts and didn't know what a speedlimit was. You could hear the roar of the crowd outside the stadium when the game started. The main thing slowing us down, other than the distance from the road to the entrance gate, was security. Security was tight, but fairly efficient. Our seats were fabulous. We were in the lower bowl, near the entrance, to the left of the net! We started off behind Uruguay, and finished behind Denmark when they switched ends. The only thing better would be to have been down with the players.

The teams were evenly matched, and both sides made some great plays. We were cheering for Denmark, which made it even sweeter when they won. We did have to laugh at some of the calls, or rather non-calls, one ref-linesman made. It is kind of funny that no matter what the sport some moron always manages to get a job as a ref.

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