How To Keep A Relationship Going After The Honeymoon Phase

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Have a greeting routine. When you see someone constantly, it becomes habit to acknowledge their presence with just a hello. This can leave both you and your loved one feeling under appreciated. To prevent that habit from forming, make a hello routine. For example, when my husband honeymoin home from work, I ekep stop what I'm doing if the task allows to give him a hug and a kiss at the door. This helps keep that spark alive, and it will give you both something to look forward to when you come home from a long day! Your partner wants you to be taken care of, and this starts with yourself.

Light some candles and take a bubble bath to ease your body and mind. Go for a run when you feel stressed. Taking time to treat yourself before your relationship can be beneficial in the long run. Instead of taking your bad day at work out on your partner, partake in healthier alternatives. If your partner does the same on an individual level, you will both be so much more eager to come together happy and healthy. Leave some things up to mystery.

Keep the Honeymoon Phase Going in Your Relationship

I will be the first one to tell you that peeing in front of each other is not going to wreck your relationship. But, when you get ready for your date night, think about hiding away until you are both ready to go. Instead of cramming into the bathroom while he shaves and you to do your lashes, take turns and be discrete about it. Leading up to a big reveal is sure to give you butterflies just like the first time you saw each other.

He knows me better than I know myself. Laughing is the best medicine, and positivity is contagious. Your partner will turn to you in every situation. Successes, celebrations, times of trouble or failures, they need to know that you are their main priority at all times. Feeling invincible together will bring you closer together. Love being in love Share your love story with the world. Amongst all these things that go into sharing a life and a home together, you still need to enjoy being a couple. So share your experiences, talk about your partner and love being in love. Sure, the urgency may fade, but you can still have a strong fire burning for your lover years into your relationship.

And even if life gets in the way which it will the spark can easily be re-lit when you both work together.

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