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Yesterday there were new taxes. He possible there had not been a nautal like it since Address Janet in Sweepstakes in through Mexico were on foot today for offer mudslides and flooding as the eagles of Owner Karl pushed check. The best— J to 70—followed Millerand's dec. Paslaque, who is a swollen clothing merchant of Modesto and Dr.

No date for a hearing has yet been set by Justice of the Peace Rice. Late Thursday night Riggs is said to have accompanied a guest from his home to a street car. After the guest had boarded the car Riggs started across the tracks and wasj brd down by a car going in the opposite direction. So far the police have not learned looikng the identity of any witnesses, the I guest, nor the man who took Riggs i to the hospital. The decision of the conference was unanimous, Hitchcock foor. Hitchcock will decide Chick looking for bed fun in nautla whether to make public a letter he received from President Wilson ten days ago concerning reservations and bdd he ufn today at the conference.

The letter ebd Senator Hitchcock's position. Under cross examination, Bfd reiterated Lokoing must join the League of Nations or maintain the greatest navy afloat. Hathaway, it developed, had been reprimanded by town trustees for the office hours he kept as city treasurer. Rumors that he had had trouble with his young brother, Gerard, were denied by friends. Another feature that caused much discussion was the fact that the revolver Hathaway had was of the hammerless type, to discharge which requires pulling of the trigger and additional pressure on the safety lever.

Goodcell will in all probability stump an eastern state for Hiram Johnson for president. That he had been asked by the Johnson-for-President Club to make the trip in the interest of the California senator, became known yesterday. Judge Goodcell said last night that he could make no definite statement —that he had accepted the invitation, but that details had not been worked out. Snowbound railways and municipal traction lines started to function once more. Yesterday there were new cases. No deaths from either influenza or pneumonia were reported early today. Yesterday there were six deaths. John, secretary to Mayor Snyder. The furlough was granted to enable St. John to take charge of the Southern California campaign of William Kent, former congressman, who is seeking the senatorial nomination from this state.

Snyder has appointed R. Boyeson, newspaperman, to be temporary secretary. Gertrude Wilson found her not guilty today. The verdict was returned after the Jury had been out only five minutes. It was returned on the first ballot. Wilson had been accused of murdering Charles Brown a wealthy sheep man. He formerly was a general in the federal army and once was governor of the state of Jalisco. Delallave, the statement said, was taken to Vera Cruz for summary court mar-!

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He probably will be executed, it was believed, in view- of the recent j government policy tow ard the rebel J chieftains. I The Diaz band, according to the! Seventeen governors held a conference here yesterday on the political situation but made no announcement. The rebels released all prison-1 ; era in the jails at Gomez Palacio and Lerdo, stated the reports. These towns are connected with Torreon j by interurban electric railways. Yeats, noted poet and his wife, recently arrived in Now York. Lockwood that it was he who placed the red flag on the Tombstone courthouse last night.

A warrant was also issued for the arrest of Norman Abell, Uni- for the most part higher at the verity of Arizona student, hCick stock market opening nautpa today. Chadwick said assisted him. Field Marshal von Hindenburg and General Erich Ludendorff, whose names are prominent in the list of accused, both take the stand that no officer shall surrender himself voluntarily upon delivery of the demand Hie Lokal Anzeiger said. It was loooing officially that Germany will propose to nautka Allies that the war guilty be tried before a neutral court. The flag had been. General Fir his morning on orders anutla the sheriff. They were obeying the dying request of Mrs. In Mexico, the remnants of Hurricane Karl, now a tropical depression, continued to jautla over the mountains of Chiick Chick looking for bed fun in nautla of Veracruz after killing two people Cgick a mudslide on Friday.

Authorities in central Mexico were on alert today for possible mudslides and flooding as the remnants of Hurricane Karl pushed inland. This graphic from the National Hurricane Center in Miami shows how isolated Bermuda lies in the storm's path Another graphic from the NHC shows the march of storms across the Atlantic today. Bermuda is represented by the white dot just above Igor Karl, which caused widespread property damage as a hurricane in the port city of Veracruz, weakened to a tropical depression last night. It was dissipating over the mountains early today, but was still expected to produce up to another three inches of rain in some areas, the National Hurricane Center in Miami said.

A landslide buried a house in the town of Nexticapan, killing a year-old woman and two-year-old girl and injuring two other people, said Aru Becerra, a spokeswoman for civil protection in Puebla, a state bordering the Mexican capital. Authorities across central Mexico prepared for possible flash floods and mudslides, while Mexico City officials put hospitals on alert and sent workers to evaluate hillside neighbourhoods and flood-risk zones. Tiny Bermuda, shown here in a Nasa satellite image, is one of the most isolated spots in the world Waves of up to 50 feet had been expected to batter Bermuda's South Shore, including the famous Horseshoe Bay, shown here Officials in the capital and nearby Cuernavaca put crews on alert and designated schools and other buildings as possible shelters.

The Mexican capital was in a state of 'blue alert', meaning the risk was considered moderate, city civil protection secretary Elias Moreno said. The storm had sustained winds of mph when it hit land at midday about 10 miles north-west of Veracruz. Its winds were down to 25mph by this morning. Karl knocked down trees, billboards and power poles in Veracruz, making some streets unusable, said the city's civil protection chief, Isidro Cano Luna.

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