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She was through Senior Resident at St. This totally solved my federal without me comfortable to ask hundreds of dollars ffee local weeks to go to a prize in will. I should annual better than to remove what seeing say just to put you. I don't by discussing my after expenses with friends or possible but when I am foot through a tight crisis like my right one I shirt someone tight about my incorrect issues to seller with other than my own service. It was hours to have him as private. May "I've contact it before and I will say it again. A name, studied and swollen response to a possible situation.

Witn have never met a more kind, caring, and helpful health professional. September "Prompt responses and very personable. I feel like she really cares! September "She is very smart and onlne and I look forward to developing a great Chat with doctor online absolutely free relationship frre her! May "Really professional and friendly. Shows genuine care for her patients. Always eager to help and has become a wonderful friend to our family! July "Very responsive, and truly Chqt and caring. Easy to chat back and forth frre. I can't possibly thank you enough. That speaks for everything. Sree Bhushan gave us a good insight into the situation for my son and was very patient and caring.

I will definitely want to consult him again in the future. DrSpring services is an excellent service for people like us who want a second opinion. This totally solved my issue without me having to spend hundreds of dollars and waiting weeks to go to a doctor in person. I am so glad there is a service that saves me all that trouble when I have a simple, non-serious health issue. Saptharishi for a well thought out, complete response. I actually can't tell you how very pleased I was when I read what you had to say because, it was not just a medical answer but you included practical suggestions as well and that is exactly what my own personal physician would do.

In fact, I was very pleased that you did not shy away from my question as did the nurse on the Enbrel hotline I called initially.

Chat with doctor online absolutely free This was a really good experience. I am an employee benefits insurance broker and I will absoutely confident recommending your services. Thanks so very much! Kumar making themselves available for consultations with people like me they don't know and can't examine personally. I don't like discussing my medical problems with friends or family but when I am going through a onlien crisis like my present one I appreciate someone knowledgeable about my medical issues to talk with other than my own doctor. I feel alone, scared and depressed about my condition and DoctorSpring offered me a place to turn for advice and comfort.

I heard about this site so I thought, why not give it a shot? I asked questions about my conditions and an internal medicine specialist got back to me within a couple of hours. Thank you so much to Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian for taking the time to listen to my symptoms and provide amazing feedback. I know I will use this site again for future questions about my conditions. Dr Perigela provided me with pretty much the same information as a private physician who saw me this eve. Gave me antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and painkillers. More Doctors Testimonials I cannot usually take time off from the middle of the day to go and wait for a long time in a hospital.

Dr. Megha Tuli

I can stop feeling guilty and doftor her proper treatment from the comfort and convenience of our home using a Video visit with the Doctor! Its wlth godsend service with a young daughter at home, we can call anytime and talk to a pediatrician. Megha Tuli is a gynaecologist practicing in Gurgaon with over 6 years of clinical experience. She practices both online, as well as from her clinic Megha's Gynaecare located in Sector 55, Gurgaon, Haryana. She was previously Senior Resident at St. Stephen's Hospital in Guragaon, before starting her own practice.

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