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Unless analysis eoman done using disaggregated data, with some tests for reasonableness, one can get very much overstated ranedrs energy estimates. Financial Issues that the Model Misses The model, when it was originally constructed inwas mostly a model of amounts of industrial production and amounts of pollution, and numbers of population. It did not include much of an analysis of the economy, other than investment Nasty woman in randers depreciation, and these may have in fact been in units of production, rather than as monetary amounts. Recent research Secular Cyclesby Peter Turchin and Surgey Nefedof suggests that when civilizations collapsed in the past, it was generally for financial reasons.

A shortage of resources per capita led to increasing wage disparity, with falling wages for the common worker. The government was called upon to provide more im more services such as bigger armiesleading to a need for higher taxes. The womaan impoverished workers could not pay these higher taxes, and it was this clash between needed taxes and ability to pay these taxes that brought jn the collapse. Workers weakened by poor nutrition because rxnders inability to afford adequate food also had higher death rates from disease.

The fact that we seem to be reaching very similar symptoms gives a hint that resource depletion may, in fact, already be playing a role in the economic problems we are seeing today. Perhaps analyses today should be examining the financial health of countries—the ability of countries to find enough jobs for potential workers, and the ability of these workers to earn adequate wages. Labor Productivity Randers assumes that Labor Productivity will continue to grow in the future, but that it will grow at a slower and slower rate, following a linear pattern. It seems to me that this linear pattern in optimistic, once oil starts reaching limits. If there is a shortfall at all in the energy products, we could see a big cutback in labor productivity.

Already, countries with intermittent electricity are finding that their production drops as electricity availability drops. All types of fuel uses will drop simultaneously. The existence of this issue is a major reason why models assuming rapid substitutability are likely optimistic. Or did he not understand how optimistic the forecast was, perhaps because he was unaware that one cannot count on energy declines following a logistic curve? Ugo Bardi instead talks about the Seneca Cliffa far steeper curve. Or did Randers pick his estimate from a range of estimates, knowing full well that it is optimistic, but feeling that this is all the American public can be told?

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