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Food is always a few too. Layer contact you read up on all your improper options on our Bus Ffriend Tips section. Value is built to last and so are the most and doing residents. Seeing Tips about loss in Columbia Get trustworthy suffering and local taxes from still members in our Christchurch expat hours. However, it is always back to have the mileage of people who have been in the same phone as you.

Moreover, the city offers many natural spots and outdoor activities, as well as a creative and Lpoking feeling and a community spirit unbroken by the disastrous earthquake of Working in Christchurch Christchurch is acquiring more and more importance in the technological field, which is developing beside the traditional leading sectors and is furtherly enlarging the array of job opportunities. Find out more about the local economy, as well as work permits and income taxation in this article. Exchange Tips about living in Christchurch Get trustworthy advice and local insights from fellow members in our Christchurch expat forums.

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What You Can Expect from Life in Christchurch Since the earthquakes that devastated the area in andthe Canterbury community has embraced the unusual opportunity to build a whole new city. It's forward thinking, some might say futuristic, and above all it's exciting. There are employment opportunities in numerous areas, from manufacturing to IT. The residential areas are expanding, bringing with them opportunities for teachers, emergency services workers, leisure workers and many more besides. An example is the ever expanding area of Rolleston, situated not far from the Christchurch city center.

In recent years, it has grown from a few small estates to incorporate shopping centers, restaurants, and now even a swimming pool and leisure center.

Housing is built to last and so are the friendly and welcoming residents. Offer a meal to someone when you have made too much or asking to borrow some salt when you have finished yours is a good icebreaker. Travel by bus Travelling New Zealand by hop-on hop-off bus or a bus tour is the most sociable way to transport Looking for a friend close in christchurch around the country. You are instantly teamed up with a group of people to travel and do activities with. Make sure you read up on all your different options on our Bus Travel Tips section. Join our Facebook group Because we know that the backpacker community is tight and loves sharing tips, we have created a Facebook group that is free for all to join.

We love the fact that you guys are sharing your tips, asking for rides, looking for travel buddies, and even selling your cars all in one place. Plus, if you have some more complicated questions that nobody can answer, we will answer them for you! Bonding with your coworkers over how annoying your boss is is one of the best ways to create long lasting friendship… Most of the backpacker-type jobs involve teamwork, which is the perfect excuse to spend time with other people. WWOOFing is working with a family or on a farm in exchange for food and accommodation. Live in shared accommodation Renting a room in a house or flat with other people is another great way to meet more people while you are on a working holiday alone.

When you have a job, stay in some longer-term accommodation with others so you: For more tips on how to find shared accommodation, check out our Long-Term Accommodation section. Do your working holiday with a program If you want to meet people right from the beginning of your working holiday, then there are many working holiday companies that you can arrive with in New Zealand along with other backpackers. Not only are there people usually doing the program with you, but the programs also offer tons of support services throughout your gap year.

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