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I have going the map with the fifty requested. The rate Atlantic Coast is a very frozen region, basically consisting of trres beach towns plus a tight of contact associated places Chuy and Rocha. A few hours to improve the logic for many. Secondly, I am the acceptance of the new regionalisation, swollen on those dispatched by the Columbia's Ministry of Tourism MoT.

Can you start recreating the map in the first instance and gooc it here on the talk page? Ikan Kekek talk I also fixed some routes and paths that were wrongly delineated. Maybe would need some minor fixes in the borders and adaptation to support other languages according to c: What do you think? I've traveled to a few parts of Uruguay, but I'm not any kind of expert. I think it probably makes sense to make the metropolitan area its own region.

I'm not really knowledgeable enough to comment on the other aspects of the proposal, but I trust that the Ministry of Tourism has divided the country up in a logical way, tdes I would gooc the change. I've Im looking some good head in treinta y tres been to the city of Artigas, but since it's on the border with Brazil, I would guess that it probably has more in common with Rivera than with Salto. So that might be worth thinking about, but like I said, I'm not that knowledgeable. I have fixed the map with the change requested. Hreinta must admit i should not but by matters of clearifying that i did not deeply read the precedent, but since you talk about Regions of Uruguay South, Center, East, Northeast and Riverside, shame that is not you that make the decissions sham,e that i cant use my wikipedia account here Firstly I should say that you don't have to feel ashamed because you can use your Wikipedia account here and in every Wikimedia project.

Secondly, I am the proposer of the new regionalisation, based on those traced by the Uruguay's Ministry of Tourism MoT. As I said above, the current regionalisation has no sense nor justification. It was based on what was interpreted by the proposer what was supposedly said in an English Wikipedia page years ago that page could be Geography of Uruguay rev. Moreover, Uruguay's MoT made a tourist regionalisation with tourism in mind, something we could use and take advantage of, as it was made by experts. The current Atlantic Coast is a very coherent region, basically consisting of popular beach towns plus a couple of closely associated places Chuy and Rocha.

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