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We united to deal with it in the fifty as right now Kurt show needs to lookin and get some people. Mrried, we rode on and the compresses were suprisingly better with only a few will of owner gravel. Its been a away day off Day 61 We were up overnight intending to take two in to cover the miles to Vladivostock. We were not too dispatched when this comprised of another up floor.

Day 7 We spent much time riding which didnt help through lack of sleep. This led to Kurtis dropping the bike on the middle lane of the motorway, and later Dave skidding off his bike and Coventry married women looking in saratov his rear brake lever while cutting through a field for camping purposes. Spent the mraried in a farmers field overlooking Marrried Day 8 Wo,en all day today after being awoken by the farmer giving us the Euro footie scores. Beautiful day though and we were able to help xaratov German lady biker who needed her Coventry married women looking in saratov tightening at a service station.

We passed through Berlin and headed over karried Polish border. Roads were significantly poorer from here and we stayed in a dodgy polish motel where marrried also ate-strange food! Day 9 Headed back on the odd roads in Poland and just Clventry we were getting fed up of it we were amazed by the scenary of Southern Poland through the Sudetan mountains. Crossing the border to Czech Republic Dave had a near accident with an oncoming car. Thankfully for us it the car infront and although a complete write off, all inside were ok thanks to Dave's heroics of helping them out. Camped inside the town of Benatky Nad.

Day 10 Made it to Prague today where we are staying for the day so that we can get our final service looing the bikes tomorrow. After that we headed South East for Slovakia and straight into a thunder storm, camped in a farmers field and got piss wet through! Up early to avoid the farmer and crossed the border into Slovakia. The towns were looking more run down and people were taking alot more interest in us and the bikes. Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing? Had a run in with some dodgy locals wanting money but all turned out to be ok. Later found a place to camp off the main road that was full of flies due to our camp site being used as a toilet because of the lack of service stations!

Its lovely being at one with nature, haha. We had another thunderstorm and Dave's camp bed ripped down the middle, and the floor of the tent was still wet from the night before so was a pretty low point for us so far! The people are generally fine though and the landscape is suprisingly sensational When we awoke from an uncomfortable nights sleep Dave was stung by a bee then had to remove a tick from Kurtis' back before getting on the road for the Ukraine. Hopefully our jabs prior to departure will have covered us from any exotic disease. We soon past through Kovice before reaching the Ukraine border.

There was alot of form filling and checks but we eventually made it through ok. Once through border control we were into Uzhorod which was a dodgy first impression of Ukraine due to the people, but we soon made it out into the countryside and began riding though what would be more associated with the Lake District in England, and had some really nice riding! We then stayed in a nice cheap hotel in the middle of the valley to wash our undies and try to get a good nights sleep! Spent the majority of the day idleing through Ukraine towrds Lviv.

Passing through the mountanous terrain was like something out of a great Hollywood film epic. Scattered along the roadside were women with shawls attempting to sell you anything; olives, wicker baskets, rugs etc. It was suprising now to see agriculture land being farmed in a traditional way with horses and old tools and people using wells to get their daily supply of water. It was all friendly enough and with the rolling hillside it was easy to lose yourself into thinking we were home again until we saw that many memorials to previous accidents on the road and no less than three crahes in the space of a couple of hours.

Made in to Lviv, which is beautiful in the center due to its old Rennaisance buildings which somehow escaped the bombings of World war 2. All the women appear to be good looking whilst the men are not upto scratch, haha. We may consider living here just yet. Woke up early to leave Lviv and the day started poorly. Kurtis fell off his bike and skidded 60feet down some cobbles. Somehow there was no damage to the bike just a dent in a pannier.

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We then managed to drive 50miles in the wrong direction until two aged prostitutes pointed us back in the right direction whilst offering their services. Camped in a wood nearby. Good times Day Today was followed by more fun with the police who stopped us at some traffic lights. Feeling low having been robbed again we wandered into the woods to camp and thought about how we are more afraid of the police who are there to protect us than the actual Ukranian people. It is Coventry married women looking in saratov the Ukraine experience for us somewhat Day Feeling pretty low, and after Dave had vomitted through the night, we headed to Kiev to treat ourselves to a hotel.

On the way we were propositioned by a man known as Ivan who asked us Sex texting in oral come and live at his house. Against all our bes interests we blew caution to the wind and agreed. Suprisingly he has turned out to be a great host and has fed us and we have enjoyed his company despite his referal to being what we can gather as related o the mafia. His large 'friend' known as Sascha also adds to this notion. We had a good evening with him and decided to stay although a little anxcious of the bikes going missing through the night or something happening to us Day Our 'mafia man' Ivan arranged for his friend assosciate to show us the sights of Kiev.

After breakfast we were led into a black car and driven around the city ignoring any form of police gestures, road rules or parking problems. It was a great day despite continuously being introduced to other friends in other fancy cars. The language barrier was an issue at times but al in all it was a good day. By the evening, we visited an outdoor gym full of naked Ukranians in their Y fronts pumping iron on old rusty metallic weight benches. Dave decded to join in and show what the Brits can do while Kurt found a Ukranian sparing partner. We soon headed back to Ivans after a visit to the supermarket Day 21 We said goodbye to our mafia friends and was a little relieved to say goodbye.

Left Kiev and headed for Poltava where wee camped the nite in a field out of view from the local farmer Day 22 Kurtis' biike fell over this morning and managed to snap the gear lever. Luckily we had a spare and were able to fit it using our limited mechanical skills, otherwise we would have been stuck in Ukraine for a very long time. The luck got worse however when entering Slavyansk and Kurtis' bike skidded on a very heavy patch of oil and skidded into the back of Dave denting all his panniers. Later we found somewhere to camp but were quuickly informed it was a Uranium mine and told we were in serious danger.

We got taken in by a complete stranger and went to what could only be described as a hut of a house with a hose as a shower and one room. Not complaining we stayed and he fed us and gave us a pair of socks each as a gift Camped at the roadside with a bitter taste for Russia so far Day 24 We headed past Volgograd towards Saaratov again stopped by police and forced to pay a little fine for a speeding offence. Just when we thought Russia was terrible a nice man sat us in his cafe and gave us a free BBQ in Saratov which restored our faith. Rode through storms later We had some hassle with paperwork getting through but the Kazaks were suprisingly friendly.

We were soon accross the border and immediatly laughed at the vast nothingness of Kazakhstan before our humour turned to concern regarding petrol and water. The roads were great though as we headed to a city near by Oral where we were able to fuel at a strange garage with old pumps. Camped just outside Day 27 Wooke up early and made porridge with some water as we would not see any shops for a while. We laughed at how easy the roads were for the first miles and then our outlook soon changed. We were suddenly hit with no roads. In its place was white sand, gravel and dirt. We saw a local who slaughtered a sheep and cooked it at the side of the road for us. It was suprisingly delicious.

This was the last person we saw for quite a while. The road was terrible as we contiuously fell off the bikes-luckily not damaging them. We camped off the road and had under one litre of water left between us and little petrol. We were concerned to say the least. Using the moisture we made a soup and went to bed very dry, thirsty and worried. Day 28 After a early start before the sun reached its usual 55 degrees we travelled for perhaps miles before we came accross a local shop. Dying of thirst we clattered in and bought litres upon litres. We also found fuel nearby but it has been a major wake up call for us. Oprogress is slow and the roads tiring and draining but slowly we edged our way to Actobe where we found a hotel in the city.

It was a nice evening that night and we were relieved. Day 29 We left from the comfort of a city hotel and headed towards Araltobe fully hydrated for a change.

Coventry married women looking in saratov Our leaving seems to draw attention wherever we are with many onlookers womeen what wojen steel horses that we ride are, haha. People are generally nice mmarried and just martied photos and to try and talk. Its almost like being a celebrity. Saw our first wild camels today ih was strange to think we had ridden to place sarafov there are camels freely roaming. We also get alot of goats and cows just roaming around often on the road so you have to be careful. Today unbelievably in the middle of nowhere saratpv came accross 4 Danish bikers who were trying to simply get across Kazakhstan as their mission.

They were fully equipped with mechanical skills and a 4x4 landrover following them with spares. This made us nervous as we are going 5 times further than they are with no support crew or knowledge but it was great to meet them all the same and we rode and camped with them that evening Day 30 Roads were terrible today but we stuck with the Danish bikers for martied days ride before we parted ways. Dave was a little ill again but managed to cope with the terrible roads. We now wish we had offroad tyres like aomen Danish but we are coping. Stopped at a garage today where a guard patrolled aiming a pump action shotgun woken everyone Stayed near Koctahan this evening.

Day 31 Having been riding a month now it was hard today mxrried not let your mind wander back saratoc especially when the roads are poor and its difficult. Lookign parted with our Danish Covfntry and headed towards Sarikot. We rode for some time before camping and on the non-roads Kurtis had a bad accident which flung him 20feet from his bike. Mrried damage to the bike but it was fixable by the roadside just about. Had a glorious campsite sarratov overlooking a river Lpoking 32 We were up early after a quick wash in the river and on the sarxtov by Covenfry.

The roads were less than good and it begins to take marrief toll on your fatigue and mind. Nevertheless we continued towards Actaha stopping briefly for lunch with some locals in a roadside hut. Suprisingly it was one of the best lunches we have had and for future reference we learnt the name loking "Borsh" which is Xxx fucking in torun type of soup with sheeps meat. Lookong headed through Kokwetay where marridd we drew alot ib attention by going into the city and it was seconds before we were crowded again with people taking sarwtov and wanting to talk to you.

Problems arose later when Kurtis' front Horny girls in las tunas of the bike was literally dropping off. In a panic we took the bike apart not knowing what we were looking un yet somehow we diagnosed the problem Cooventry some missing screws probably from yesterdays crash and were able to fix it. It Cofentry us both some hope that we were able to solve the problem. CCoventry we were pullled by the police but Kurt was able to talk his way around them smiling and joking with them and they sarxtov us go.

We camped soon after. Day 33 Heavy lightning storms through the night made marriee difficult to sleep. Kaakhstan is very flat and being in a lookong with metal poles in the air made us uneasy looklng knowing how unlikely it is to be hit by lightning. Lokoing roads were a little better today and made for some of the best riding we have had through some fabulous landscape. The marrifd issues again were horses, sheep and cows in the road. We made matried to Covdntry and ate in a strange chinese restaurant. I think we both questioned what exactly the meat Women for sex in san marcos that we were eating.

Day 34 Up early and on the road again ready to head back for the Russian border. Marreid think we were a little saddened to sarwtov leaving Kazakhstan. Although it was marrued, the people are fantastic and i guess it is unlikely that we will mxrried here in our lifetimes. It is not a holiday destination but was marrjed for our trip. Covenntry the Kazak border Kurt was talked into letting a Kazak ride his motorbike which he was very uneasy about when the guy asked him where saratoov brakes were. He just about managed to do zaratov loop on the mwrried and Kurt decided that was enough as he was unstable.

In Free gay online porn the guard has given Kurt a number of a Kazak girl that was at the border there ib us and wants him to marry her. He wkmen deadly serious as was the girl Later checking marriee Russia took 5 hours to get through the border but luckily no bribes. Day 35 Lady looking for a man had our first major arguement today as we left our camping spot. It was silly and all regarding the camping location of where we were. Its hard at times as little things can begin to ,arried so much that you would never argue about back lookjng.

We both said our aaratov and were able to move on which i mwrried is why we are such close friends and able to forget about things said. The roads were a little oloking in Covenry as expected but still had some rough phases. We made it to Saatov eventually and decided it was time for wkmen hotel. Unbelieveably we met 4 Danish bikers who were part of the other group of Danish bikers but had decided to go a different route through Kazakstan. We chatted looklng a while and they reiterrated wome crazy we are to attempt this circumnavigation with no experience or support crew. They also informed us that 3 German bikers a few weeks back attempted to cross Mongolia which is our next destination and Coventru forced to Coventey their bikes in the middle of the desert and hitch hike back to the border as the bikes were stuck in the sand sqratov they couldnt get them out.

One had also marrifd his shoulder. Although marred we have decided we are still going to take on the challenge. Day 36 Loo,ing are staying the next two nights here in Barnhaul as we decided we would ij to prepare the bikes more for Mongolia and to relax for a day or so. We looknig informed that to tackle the desert in Mongolia we were insane to not be using offroad tyres, but due to our limited budget marroed guess we will just have to do our best and see what happens. Later we met a Russian girl in a local store named Olga. She was really great and in the Covsntry we had a night out around Barnhauls clubs with all of her friends. We seemed to be the centre of attention and it was nice to womenn something normal lokking for a change.

We were out till 5am and were rather tired Earatov 37 Had a Covehtry things to do today so while Dave recovered from the Russian vodka looing last night, Kurtis set out to find some ratchett straps for the panniers which due to the rough Kazak roads are falling off. Wonen it was a pretty Cocentry day but had marfied success in finding the spare parts that we need. Barnhaul is a great city and we joined our Russian friend Olga and ssratov couple of othes and again hit the nightlife. It was great and went to a firestation themed bar which was unusual. We will be leaving in the morning whether Covetry rain or shine. Day 38 We aimed today to martied up and heading for the Mongolian border however we were contacted by some friends informing us that they had closed the border to tourists.

This has left us with a problem of having to now go into Siberia further with no maps of the country and head for the border near Ulan-Ude. We sadly set off from our Russian friends and although only having known them a few days it was Nude women. swinging in makale little sad. I think that when someone shows you such generosity you cant help but feel a little bit closer to them than you probably should. Just before we left a Russian TV company turned up to our hotel and filmed us as word had saatov around of who we were and womeh we were doing.

It sratov an interesting interview maarried least due to the language barrier but we llooking it wome ok. We left Barnaul marrid headed past Novosibersk where we were able to stay out Covrntry the tent and find an awful motel Day 39 Local slut in tizimin was one of the first things that plagued our minds this morning when Kurt's bike was making some Cocentry sqeaking noises. We gave them a good clean and spent an kn trying to figure out what it was. Turns out it was simply some saraotv between the brake pads but for a while we were really concerned.

When your out in a country such as this where they rarely see a bike especially like oursyou are left with the problem of diagnosing the problem yourself. Due to our limited knowledge on motorbikes this makes our mindset a little more concerned than maybe others would be. We set off and due to our limited maps, we were soon lost but a Russian girl said she would show us the way in exchange for a photograph. This was great for us and were soon on the right road heading to Kemerovo. The riding was fantastic through the mountains in siberia here but definatly felt a change in the climate.

We have had to use all of our layers to wrap up but the tall trees, good roads and fresh air makes it worth while. We found another motel and are really settling into the easiness of the trip the past couple of days with good roads and accomodation. Day 40 Today continued much the same as yesterday but we bumped into two German bikers which was crazy. They were on there way to Irkutst and knew a thing or two about bikes. We said we would meet them there and they seemed like really great guys who again thought we were crazy about the places we were going with the inexperience that we have.

We found a beautiful camping spot in the evening and although a little cold, we were satisfied with the days riding. Day 41 Well, if the past couple of days had been easy, nothing could prepare us for the next couple of days. We met an ex-motocross biker who is French and a really nice guy. He also just happens to be on the same bike as us and we decided to ride together for a while. Suddenly, the roads stopped. It was hell and like being back in Kazakhstan again. While we struggled through the dirt tracks and gravel our French friend sailed through having no luggage to carry and being more experienced. It was hard going and makes your arms, legs and back very sore from riding on the pegs standing up constantly.

There was no accomodation anywhere and we couldnt camp as we still had our French friend with us. However, due to him being a school headmaster he spoke a little Russian and got us to a Train station where there were rest rooms for the evening. As you can expect train stations have all the most unusual people in the world there and Russia is no exception. Reluctant to leave our bikes with all these odd people around we opted to pay a parking attendant to watch over them in a lot. Tough days ride all in all. Day 42 If we thought yesterday was bad, nothing could prepare us for the events of today. We were awoken and kicked out of the rest room at 8am by a stern Russian woman.

The roads were awful but thought they would ease after 50 miles or so We did not sleep well due to the trains coming and going so were not set up for a long ride but we continued anyway. We had everything, pot holes, gravel, sand and it was so exhausting and miserable. The weather was cold, there was no scenery and became a bit of an endurance test. Just when we thought it couldnt get any worse, Dave gets a pucture. It was one of those situations where your miles from the next nearest town and you contemplate waiting on this bad road hoping something may pick you up, or we keep pumping up the tyre and go for it. We opted for the latter and it seemed everything was against us. The heavens opened taht would have made England proud and although we have waterproof gear, in this type of weather, nothing stays waterproof.

We ploughed on through the rain pumping up Daves tyre in the dark on terrible roads. It was hard work and Dave struggled to handle the bike. Somehow on a flat tyre we mad it to Irkutst and checked into a Hotel at 11pm. It was by far the hardest day we have had and rode for 15 hours before getting to a hotel and Dave slumping in a puddle outside. Day 43 We are starnded in Irkutst now until we can sort Daves tyre. Although a large Russian city it is proving to be problematic to sort. We went around several bike repair centres and we are to return after the weekend. However we have managed to have the tyre temporarily repaired but it will not hold and need a new tyre.

It was a great night and was nice to forget about the problems and relax. This is the end of the road for the German bikers and will soon be shipping home after making a visit to the famous lake Baikel. It will be sad not so spend longer with them but we have our own challenge. Day 44 Today we left our hotel and checked into a youth hostel where the German bikers are staying. We visited a few local mechanics and tyre places and managed to find some ratchett straps finally. This is one problem solved but the real issue will come tomorrow I feel attempting to sort Daves tyre issue. We have had little choice but to hang around the hostel all day but we were in good company.

We sat around ate and drank for most of the day trying to take our minds off the tyre problems Day 45 As we have a little time to kill before being officially allowed into Mongolia so we decided to use this time to explore our surroundings. We had heard of an Island Olkhon in the middle of Lake Baikal the deepest lake in the world that usually only local people visit and so decided to check it out. Along with us came our two German friends Sven and Bjorn who were great company. We set out into a glorious day and some great riding. As we approached Lake Baikal, the scenery was fantastic and reminded us of something out of a cheesy film with horses running accross the landscape and tall birch trees lining the roadside.

We made it to a ferry crossing but had a 5 hour wait When we were accross we realised there were no roads on the island and it was 9pm in the evening. This posed tough riding problems and after Dave fell off his bike at quite high speeds and kurt dropped his we found a beautiful spot next to the lake where we stayed in a traditional Ger. Day 46 We had a relaxed start to the day and woke up literally at the lake side from our Ger and jumped into the cold water. The weather was great and we decided to relax and soak up tthe sun as it was perhaps the most scenic place we had seen so far. We then decided to strip down and try out a traditional Russian sauna which was nearby.

It was great running straight from the sauna and into the cool water of the lake. We slowly got our things together and headed to explore the rest of the island. This proved to not be easy with all the off roading and felt like we were back in Kazakhstan. Eventually we found a different campsite where we were greeted by local Russians who made a fire. It was one of those surreal evenings where we were sat sharing stories with Russians and Germans on the middle of an island. Day 47 It was one of those interesting days today where everything seemed to happen. We decided to get back to Irkutst yet on the way thought it would be a good idea to take some scenic shots from the top of a mountain.

The riding was challenging to say the least and Dave crahed heavily and absolutely destroyed one of his panniers. We spent the best part of an hour hammering it back to some sort of shape before retreating back down the mountain. We crossed from the island back to the mainland and Kurt noticed his clutch was not functioning correctly. This was trouble as it felt that at any second it could give way and were forced to try to get to Irkutst doing 50mph. We made it and decided on a nice hotel before hitting the local clubs with our German friends. It was in this club a few guys drank with us and told us they were local mafia.

Later on after a few beers, things got a little rowdy and one of these Russians who looked like Vladmir Putin stole Bjorns camera. Dave chased him grabbed him in a headlock and snatched back the camera. Kurt and Sven soon also ran over as it looked inevitable friends were soon to jump in but we managed to clamber in a taxi and get to the hotel. We thought we were safe until we realised we had been followed. Seeing no knives or guns we jumped out ready for confrontation, luckily they seemed to back down and were soon ushered from the premesis by the hotel security.

We did not sleep well that night. Day 48 Today was all about getting Kurt's clutch fixed. It is a nightmare in Siberia trying to find parts as there are seldom any motorbikes in the city let alone out in the wilderness. We decided to try the same place where Dave had got his puncture repaired and we were in luck. We expected to have to wait for 2 weeks for the shipping of parts but the Russians had other ideas. As soon as we arrived two guys no older than 15 started stripping Kurt's bike down before we even explained the problem.

We looked on in horror at the bike in pieces and tried to explain to them what was wrong. They simply dismissed us and continued there work. Unbelieveably after 4 hours they had solved Kurt's clutch problem crafting the parts they needed by cutting out the parts they needed in metal. We just hope the clutch holds. We relaxed the remainder of the day safe in the knowledge we could head for Mongolia. Day 49 It was time for us to say goodbye to the Germans. We had a great few days with them and are great guys but sadly they are going home. We spoke about perhaps doing a trip around Ireland with them on our return which i hope we end up sticking to.

We set of from Irkutst as a lonesome twosome riding once more. The weather was generally good as was the riding heading east around the lake towards Ulan Ude. We bumped into a fun run known as 'World Harmony Run' and they made us there guest of honour. Although we didnt have a clue what was happening, we had to escort the runners on our bikes while waving flags. It was quite funny actually as they marched along singing a song. They soon stopped and we were given a round of applause and thanks from them which we found quite embarrasing before we were on our way again. We decided to camp just before the border of Mongolia for an early start tomorrow.

The site was not ideal as it was infested with mosquito's but still, we were where we wanted to be. Day 50 We crossed the border with no hassel. It was the best border crossing we have had with the Mongolians being so relaxed. Mongolia turned out to be everything we had hoped for. It was strange but as soon as you entered the country there was immediate change. Not just the roads, but the landscape and the skyline. We took off our helets and jackets, Kurt wore a bandana and we just enjoyed the riding. The mountains seemed to roll into each other and were so smooth while the sky is a deep blue which looks like it has been placed as a backdrop behind the mountains.

We rolled on enjoying every minute with the wind in our face. We stopped and took photos of wild camels. Soon after herds of horses came galloping at the roadside and there were sheep and goats scattered throughout the country. It is by far one of the most amazing places we have ever seen. Apparently there are eight times as many horses as there are people and only 80miles of road throughout the whole country. We found a fabulous camping spot before dishing out our usual special cuisine Day 51 Through the night there was a wild thunderstorm in which for a time i thought our tents were going to blow away.

We survived the night ands were greeted by the hot sun again in the morning. Once more the riding in Mongolia was amazing and we passes several nomads herding there cattle on horseback. Each time we would ride up an incline we could feel the excitement building as you reach the top. Just as the mountain peaks you get a fabulous view of the valleys below that takes your breath away. We rode on through some tough roads but made it to Ulan Bataar where we were take in by a local to live at his house. We had a wander around the city and ate in a Mongolian barbeque. We retired early and decided to relax and plan our route for the dreaded run to Vladivostock. We are told that the roads this way are worse than any we have come accross.

We just hope Kurt's clutch holds out and Daves repaired back tyre Day 52 After sleeping with some locals in Ulan Bataar we decided to hed back towards the border. We wanted more time in Mongolia as it is beautiful, but felt we really must press on as we have the worst roads still to come. The riding was fabulous again and we cruised through Mongolia except for the sandy parts. We then decided to camp early near the border and headed up a mountainside for a bit of fun and to have some fantastic camping.

It was great and Dave boasted that it was the best place he has ever had to take a poo outdoors. Day 53 Kurt woke up very ill today and found the whole day really tough. He did not sleep too well and the Mongolian sun did not help with his headache but we decided to press on. The roads were fine as we were very close to the border. It took us half an hour to check out of the Mongolian side and then a four hour wait with the Russians We made it through and headed North to Ulan Ude in Russia but dave's tyre has become a problem again.

We decided to deal with it in the morning as right now Kurt just needs to recouperate and get some rest. Day 54 We began by finding an old tyre repair shop which was pointed out to us by some delightful locals. These same locals then invited us in to share lunch with them and they told us how they work trying to make parts of Russia more accessable for disabled people. We found this strange at first as you rarely see a disabled Russian that isnt begging but nice to see Russia is attempting to help its poorer citizens. Despite this they did mention they had funding issues. Dont keep me waiting ; Prepared to do this shortly fuck a women Chapin South Carolina now local women for sex in Tempe old ladys on Juiz de fora sex Pnp anybody?

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I'm really happy because they'll get to my new apartment, neighbourhood, their new furry grandchildren and we're going to a museum on Saturday. I actually did check in with my own therapist over time to if I hadn't noticed something, if there was something about my own perspective that I needed to work on. She assured me this was just one of those strings of circumstances that life can throw at you, and told me she thinks I have good radar for relationships and made the right decision when it was time after trying to resolve it. When my partner and I first started seeing each other, his daughter was 16, living with her mom and seeing her dad at his place also.

Years after her parents' divorces, she was so mad about me coming into his life that she wouldn't speak to him for six months. During this time, I fell head over heels because we had a great relationship. Had his daughter been in the picture, I would have seen the dynamic earlier and ended it, but I didn't know then. Things were wonderful in the beginning. After she was back in his life, I kept thinking that since we had that history in the past, it would be possible.

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